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by Wanda

work from home nowIf you want to spend more time with family but still earn money, then work from home now. Parents usually need extra time to take care of their children moreover when the children is still a baby. They need to give extra care for best growing of the children. However, when it comes to work from home, it is not only parents who have children that need it, but also the other commoner for example people who have certain illness and cannot work at office, then work from home is the best option.

When you hear work from home you may think it is online job. But actually there are real job that can work from home now. The following are some examples of it.

Virtual assistant

Assistant position is an important position because company always need assistant to help finish the job, make a job report, make a schedule, and many others. Now, you are able to work as assistant while you are at home and do not have to work at the office. There are some companies that hire virtual assistant means assistant work from home; it is done to help complete the job. So, if you have skill to be an assistant and want to work from home, then you need to look for company that needs it.


Do you master many languages? If so, then why don’t you try to be translator? Usually publisher always look for people who master many languages and able to translate. The translator translates any kind of books; it may novel with different genre, learning book, and the other kind of book and genre. And the translation is done at home, you just need the result via email or post it. So, send your translation result as the sample to be considered for the publisher and get translator job.


Do you like to write? If you have skill on writing, why don’t you make it as job? It can be done from home and you are able to earn money from published book. It many any kind of writing do to your skill, it may novel, learning book, motivation book, and the others.

Virtual teacher

This day, learning process is not only can be done by meeting face to face between student and teacher, it also can be done virtually. Make a website to teach and then teach the student virtually from your home.

Those are some among so many jobs that can work from home now.

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